Hartge Family Site


John Frederick Hartge

    Galesville Md  is my hometown, I went from attending the same school my father went to, serving in the Navy, graduated from Anne Arundel Community College and the University Maryland and then left to pursue my livelihood as a Audiovisual Coordinator at Craven Community College in New Bern, NC.  Still I feel distant memories when I visit Galesville of  my father watching the heron as he walked along the shoreline or the osprey swoop across the water’s surface. He passed away this year and has left a huge void in my heart.

    This website started with stories which my Uncle Billy gathered from his brothers and sisters.  I have added other details and photographs gathered from family members and news clippings, letters and photographs saved by Alma. I am adding additional  letters, photographs and documents to help pass on this history to our “family.” I hope you enjoy the things you find here.

    The two sections of the website called BLOG’s are where I am adding letters and special info.

    Please pass on suggestions to include to this site. I would appreciate if you could send me your current family pictures via email. Think of it as a Christmas card to your extended family.


Brother Robin and me on tricycles in 50’s.